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"A book of epic depth – it makes the infinite of space tangible with your hands."  Stiftung Buchkunst 

The universe is unfathomable. Itís beyond our human imagination. And yet it is our ëouter spaceí in which our earth orbits the sun somewhere ñ our solar system. Itís tiny compared to the rest of the universe. And yet vast.

Can this ratio be made measurable? What happens if you transfer the aphelion of all eight planets to the sun in one book? How many pages does this book have? Can you turn the pages? And above all, which emptiness will fill these endless book pages?

If you open the book, the reader will see nothing but stars. Just the sun can be spotted on the first page. In the footer, a continuous quotation begins that accompanies the entire book as a voice from the off. The reader wanders through the firmament and the book pages and indeed ñ there they are ñ the eight planets of our solar system! Distributed in distance and space. For example, when the ribbon page marker marks the earth, itís amazing to see the enormity of the panorama, because around 85 percent of the more than 1,100 book pages are still in front of the reader.

With excerpts from Carl Sagan's 'A pale blue dot' and 'Cosmos'.

Robert Steinmüller

BUCH und GRAFIK, 2019

13,5cm x 19,5cm, 1152 pages;

1st Edition 
Signed and numbered
Edition: 20
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2nd Edition 
Signed and numbered
Edition: 16 


*The book 'Aphelion' has been awarded by Stiftung Buchkunst for the 'Förderpreis für junge Buchgestaltung' this year.