White House

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In < White House > Book, where all letters have disappeared, I discover another „I“ that silently and without a word only observes. My „I“wants to stage writings and sounds within the stories of the two < White House >works in a paradoxical manner. They seem to coexist, but yet the writings and sounds that differ from each other separate and gather. This ambivalent „I“ is living in two different spaces filled with writings and sounds. Berlin and Seoul, the two cities „I“ live in, would shake me again and again and cause dizziness inside me. When I think about it, I am standing right in the middle of the sounds of those both cities. They pretend to help each other only to impede each other. Carrying these incomplete feelings and memories inside of me and being an existence that is a component of this world I myself am one of the sounds of this world, that I am going to show in < White House >.

text: Mikyung Song

Weißes Haus 

Mikyung Song
nomadelab Publishing, 2019
ISBN 979-11-967274-0-6
CIP (08600)

145 x 210mm; 60 pages; German/English/Korean
Paper, cassette tape, cassette case, padded envelope with PET film and promotional gift (canvas bag). Edition of 50