Samurai Cat and the Red Thread

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Roll your way through 11 meters of magical illustrations by Anastasia Stepanova. The book is about adventures of a brave Samurai Cat in the world of Japanese yokai, dragons and evil robots. He meets a red thread that leads him and helps to find new friends. Together they fight against Bakeneko, a creature with two tails, who turns into a sweet kitten in the end. But is this a happy ending or magic shape-shifting?


Rollbuch - “book with an endless page within a winding-box” 

The impact of the Rollbuch as a medium is as manifold as the book’s mechanism is simple; it is all about its inherent dynamics, the motion of the content itself, and the “pageless” continuity of its storyline. The dial empowers the viewer to control the pace of the narrative; with just a very slight movement of the hand they may accelerate, slow down, halt or even invert the flow of the story. This aspect of control contrasts with the inability to skip over, since the entire storyline is printed onto one single and seemingly endless page.  

Samurai Cat and the Red Thread  

Anastasia Stepanova
Rollbuch, 2019

11m x 168mm; Rollpaper in a maple wooden box / Rollpaper