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This project contemplates the idea of stereotype. It takes the point of entry at the site where stereotypes of a city and ethnic minority intersect.

The idea of featuring landmark locations of Berlin is to critically reflect on ´stereotype´, a concept that links the essence of the project to the aesthetics. In a cultural social and cultural context, stereotypes are often imposed on the ethnic minority. The stigmatisation is the majority´s tool to ignore or reject the fact that every Other is as complex and individualistic as all others. The landmark scenic spots as on tourist postcards precisely reflect this point. This is where this project intervenes. We embed Asian motifs into nostalgic photos, representing the integration in process, ironing out the aesthetic ´clash´ between cultures. By portraying the ethnic minorities as being typified, the complexity of an urban site is also often overlooked.

The video link to a re-enactment of minor aggression arisen from cultural stereotypes serves as a reminder that globalization can only take its root in an open culture, populated by the open-minded. The highly gendered reference in the project title prompts the viewers to reflect on the power imbalance between genders and national borders. The artwork is our proposed response to resist and to self-empowerment.


Agnes Tam

105 x 148 mm
Postcard set

Edition of 50