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How do you describe something as complex as countries and nations with hand gestures? Conciseness is clearly important, as is objectivity, leading to various solutions: geographical features such as compass directions (Norway), the outline of the country (Italy, Malta), the location on the water (Denmark), flag symbols (Switzerland, Greece), the organizational form of the state (United States - crossed fingers), and letters formed with fingers (Venezuela).

The selection shown here focuses on the figuratively simple as opposed to the characters composed of several signs or more abstract characters composed of the finger-alphabet. It presents the possibility, but also the conditions, of a communication through images that is not dependent on sounds and writing.

Länderkennzeichen (Country Symbol) 
Albert Coers  

Verlag Hubert Kretschmer, 2016

ISBN 9783928804011

148 x 105 mm, 16pp: German, English
500 of edition