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An object-story about the invisibility and the will to live, from time to time, up, up!

A little house, a balloon and an invisible child. It is a space in suspension, like the desire of those who inhabit it... someone who, sometimes, wishes to be invisible... have you ever wanted to be invisible?

Invisible is for you if...
You're a lover of the ineffable. You like to look at beautiful things. You like simplicity and elegance. You're a* dreamer*. If you want to give the little ones a little visual poetry and tenderness.

What it contains...
cardboard box, die-cut house, thread, 2 balloons and a story printed with ecological inks on 250g textured paper.

This story requires to assemble.

Once inflated, the balloons have a duration of approximately 3 weeks to 2 months depending on environmental conditions, etc.  

L’Arbre, el Porc i la Flor

Cuscusian, 2015

210(w) x 10(l) x 140(h)mm
English, French and Spanish

L'Arbre, el Porc i la Flor is an artistic collective of story-objects created in 1995 by the then students of Fine Arts: Lluís Sabadell Artiga, Pep Mayugo, Cécile Ribas, Ruth Vallina, Irene Rodrigo, Rubén Campo, Xavier Gordillo, Albert Coma, Thaïs Rovira, Idoia Pallarès, Susana Eduardo, Victor and Alfonso.