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SIDE A has been composed from words out of ‘Cities in Flight’ a four-volume Sci-Fi Novel written by James Blish between 1950 and 1962 and published in 1970.

Science Fiction envisions alternative worlds, it opens up new possible realities. This book represents one amongst a potentially unlimited range of possibilities that words and its combinations have to offer.

de la Torre selected each word, page after page words arrange themselves into new constellations of sentences, creating a coherent narrative.

A book is a place. This book is a site-specific work, only possible within this story. This constellations manifest themselves as shapes within the white page, the words floating.

While the word choice is intentional, the black shapes appear as a result of her selection, functioning as arrows pointing into a new direction. she often thinks about how the pages of the book rub each other, overlapping and creating new layers charged with meaning.


Claudia de la Torre
backbonebooks, 2019

148 x 210mm; 600 pages
Softcover, black and white digital print. Edition of 50