Public Folder #3 / Golden Record

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In order to celebrate 40 years of the Voyager Golden Record this art book project reflects 120 artistic interpretations and four essays on the compelling multi-layered idea of this iconic data disk – a medium between album, atlas and archive. 

The book focuses specifically on the images stored on the Golden Record, unveiling the approach of mapping the world for the eyes of the other in general and in this context questioning the role of images and photography in particular. 


Public Folder #3 / Golden Record  

John Harten (Hrsg./Ed.)
Public Folder & Revolver Publishing, 2017
ISBN 978-3-95763-395-8

240 x 200 mm; 344 pages; German, English

Elaborate book design with two thread-stitched book parts, removable text book, different papers and a folded poster wrapper in 55 x 33 cm.