Fictive Appearance

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'Fictive Appearance' is a work composed of a book and a spatial installation. The installation relates to the book, and the book relates to a previous installation.

The book, exhibited at einBuch.haus in 2020, was developed by graphic designer Yuto Takamuro and is based on a single photograph of the installation work 'Fake Appearance' (2018) by artist Yotaro Niwa. The book deals with a collection of image fragments, which are enlarged to up to ten thousand times their original size. As the photograph is continuously subdivided, its original message is lost: what remains is a pure image, free of subtext, and goes far beyond the original intention of the artist.

Through the special design of the page layout and the unique type of bookbinding, multiple layers in various combinations can be viewed simultaneously. The book is an instrument in which visual images are reconstructed. The collection of fragments of all the extended and mass-produced images leaves the purest visual reality to the viewer, differing with how each book is viewed.

Fictive Appearance  

Images: “Fake Appearance” (2018) by Yotaro Niwa
Design and Edit: Yuto Takamuro
Text: Beate Brauner, Yotaro Niwa
Schtaig Hauner, 2020

205 x 297mm; 88 pages; English, German
Laminate cover(UNIQUE EDITION), offset print. Edition of 100