Timaios and Katharina Kamph

Throwback to our Opening Night with artist Katharina Kamph back in 02. NOV 2018 at einBuch.haus. 

Oh, how we remember this evening of the 'Timaios' opening!
einBuch.haus is always keen on hunting and presenting artist books and art books and it was a real pleasure to work with Katharina. The communication between the artist and the space was smooth, the preparation was spot on, and we had a great time. It was a delightful process and great collaboration.

Standing in front of her artwork, Katharina is introducing her piece during the opening with a bright smile we can't forget. By Katharina's side, our very director Frau Kim is there, happily introducing the artist and the exhibition concept. Frau Kim is the all-around player in the haus. She can do everything. The list will get too long so we will stop here. But one thing for sure is that she values relationships. Since 'Timaios', the two had developed a friendship that will last for a long time.

Here's more: we are happy to let you know that Katharina Kamph is one of our main artists to introduce at this year's paper positions berlin.
We are thrilled to present Katharina's artwork once again.